Professional Car Window Tinting Kit Window Film Tint Fitting Tools



Professional Car Window Tint Fitting Kit Window Tint Tools Fitting Tools

The Kits include:

  • PLASTIC 13 POINT UTILITY KNIFE: This knife gives you a 13 point blade knife option at a very attractive price. If you tend to lose your knives regularly, this might be a great option for you.;
  • 4 WHITE TEFLON HARD CARD SQUEEGEE: The standard 4 version of the window film industry standard in teflon cards. This versatile hard card can be used for heat shrinking, bumping edges and chiseling. Many tinters cut these cards into various shapes to even make them more useful.;
  • THE ORIGINAL LIL’ CHIZLER: What needs to be said about this tool? The Lil’ Chizler has been helping window film installers get to hard to reach areas for over 10 years. This is a must have in any window tinter’s tool pouch.;
  • WHITE GLASS SAFE SCRUB PAD: The white scrub pad is the standard cleaning pad most window tinters use. It is safe for use on glass and is great for cleaning any contaminants from the glass surface prior to window film installation.;
  • 1 BLADE AID SCRAPER: Basic plastic ;
  • THE ORIGINAL YELLOW CONQUERER SQUEEGEE: The Conquerer has been around for over 10 years and is still a staple for almost all automotive window tint installers. The Conquerer’s unique design combines a terrific window tint squeegee blade on one side and a pointed hard card tip on the other for pulling back gaskets, chizling film, etc.;
  • TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE: Window tinters top quality spray bottle, used to clean the windows and apply the water solution to the film.;

DEVIL TRIM & CORNER TOOL: The Red Devil corner tool can be used to access very tight areas to lay down film. And helps push the film behind the rubber gaskets. The Red Devil comes with an 8 long body and pointed tip design.

  • GASKET PUSH STICK The Gasket Push Stick is a tinter’s favorite. Sometimes called a Dog Bone, this tool is used for pushing down door window gaskets to assist in film installation on roll down windows and is ideal for pushing little creases down.

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