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PSSC was the first Car Window Tinting company in the UK to introduce computerised cutting technology, offering our customers the most precise and cost effective finish available.

Our professionalism and quality of service ensures we are the preferred choice for prestige dealerships and consumers alike. Our security and solar window films are ideal for all types of and domestic vehicles. All our tints are applied by experienced installers to ensure you get the best results possible.

Keep reading to find out more about the wide variety of films we offer, and how they could improve your driving experience.


PSSC Privacy Window Tint is perfect to stop those prying eyes from seeing that laptop or hand bag on the back seat or your expensive speaker on the back shelf of your car or those work tools in the back of your van or your In Car Entertainment in the dash.

PSSC Privacy Tint can cut out 95% of visible light making it virtually impossible to see in so you can see out but the public cannot see in. We install varying shades of tint so if you don’t want it too dark you can go for a factory standard tint or a more subtle light tint.

PSSC Solar Window Tint can reduce heat build up in your vehicle by 61% keeping it much cooler in the hot summer days and also saves you money on fuel by cutting down on your air conditioning giving you more miles per gallon.


  • Furnishing and upholstery preservation
  • Reduced hot spots and glare
  • Improved comfort
  • Balanced climate
  • Reduced energy demands
  • Extended HVAC life
  • Reduced headaches
  • Reduced Sweating

The United Kingdom sets minimum light level requirements for vehicle window tint. Please make sure you follow these requirements .

Front Windows require 70% of light to come through and the windscreen is 75%. We tint these for show purposes only. Please make sure you read and understand the rules, If you still wish to go ahead with anything over this legal limit you will be asked to fill out a Disclaimer to state you have read and understood the VOSA Rules.


Chameleon Tint is the newest trend in Vehicle Customization.

This film will protect from Sun Glare, Harmful UV Rays whilst offering good Privacy and the dynamic properties of this film give the windscreen a Chameleon like effect.

The color of the film will depends on the light, weather and different angles you look at it. It will not always have the same look and will look different depending on these factors.

These are available in multiple shades.

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Headlight and tail light tinting is an quick and cost effective way of modifying your car. We use a bubble free translucent vinyl that can be individually shaped to fit the complex shapes of the vehicle lights and cover the surface of the lights with a layer of tint.

We can install the tint film in situ, which means no removal of the light cluster is necessary

Needless to say, we at PSSC Window Films are only using the best grade materials available on the market.
This allows us to offer a top-quality fit and finish at a very reasonable price.

We are offering 4 different shades from light to extra dark which you can choose on the day of your appointment

Lights cannot be legally dimmed by more than 50%, and you need to be able to see the original colour, e.g. headlights must be white/yellow and rear lights must be red.

If you do not stick to the legal regulations, you could be faced with a fine and you would pose a risk to other drives on the road.



PSSC Security Window Tint is the perfect complement to any top rated alarm stopping a potential thief from entering you vehicle through the glass windows.

PSSC Security Films are applied to the inside of the glass and can be clear or tinted, and will withstand a vandal attack with bricks, spark plugs, crash helmets, etc. delaying entry into your car or van. In the event of an accident our film will hold the shattered windows together stopping flying glass from causing you or your family harm.

See the video here to see just how strong the film is when professional applied by PSSC. For further information on Security Window Films please contact us here.


Control the Sun’s harmful UV rays

PSSC UV Window Tint is perfect for stopping those harmful UV rays that cause tremendous damage to your skin and your car’s interior dashboard and upholstery.

Sunlight has a profound effect on the skin causing premature skin ageing, skin cancer, and a host of skin changes. Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin ageing. Many skin changes that were commonly believed to be due to ageing, such as easy bruising, are actually a result of prolonged exposure to UV radiation this can happen when driving long distances.

UV rays contribute only 40% to the fading problem. Heat and light contribute 25% each. The remaining 10% is caused by other factors such as bad ventilation, artificial light and the quality of the dyes in the furniture or fabric.

PSSC UV Window Films can reduce UV by 99%. This clear or tinted film is perfect for letting light in but stopping the harmful UV rays.

For further information on UV Window Tint Films please contact us here.


Keep the Sun out of your eyes while driving

PSSC Pre Cut Sunstrips are computer cut using our data base of over 1500 car templates and are professional installed by our team of fitters or we can design a bespoke sun strip for you.

For further information on Sunstrips please contact us here.


Are you looking for car window films to install yourself?

PSSC Window Films Ltd offer a comprehensive range of pre-cut car window tinting kits – all makes and models – simple easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

The most cost effective way to tint your car windows.

PSSC Window Films is an award winning tinting company and acknowledged as one of the top companies in Europe.

We are pleased to offer you a world class window film and a top quality installation. We have been installing window tint since 1988 and have worked on some of the most prestigious car marques in the world.
This is done by applying a Solar Gard Professional Window Film that is installed to the inside surface of the glass. In most cases we can complete the work in an hour and a half.

All windows will be intensively cleaned prior to the tint being installed by our experienced fitting team. You choice which shade of tint you would like and then we computer cut the templates using our world class cutting software (no cutting by hand like some companies) where they could cut the rubber gaskets or scratch your glass, check this if getting other quotes as replacement windows or rubbers can be very expensive. After installation is complete you will receive full cleaning instruction and a lifetime warranty.

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