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For over 25 years, PSSC Window Films Ltd has been one of the most professional, trusted and cost effective window film companies worldwide.

Our long list of satisfied homeowners are evidence that the highest levels of quality and professionalism are achieved. PSSC Window Films have installed high quality solar control window film to over 7,500 homes.

• Savings of up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
• Reduction of solar heat gain by up to 86%.
• Helps consume less energy.
• Provides solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort.
• Provides protection by holding shards of glass together if broken.
• Protects employees and property from damaging ultraviolet rays.
• Enhances the curb appeal and privacy of your building.
• A deterrent barrier against intruders for added security and peace of mind.


Anti-Glare Window Film – Don’t Be Blinded By The Light

PSSC Anti-Glare Window Film can reduce glare by 95% but still letting in the natural light your need. Whether it is in the hot summer days or in the winter when the sun is lower. Our films are installed to existing glazing with virtually no disruption to you.

Glare can be an impediment to the vision and even a direct hazard.

PSSC Anti-Glare window film comes in many shades to match your building or window frames making it a perfect choice instead of dusty blinds that restrict your view.


  • Reduce glare by up to 95%
  • Reduce 99% of UV
  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Keeps Premises Cooler
  • Stops Chronic Headaches
  • Protection for Sensitive Skin


Save your energy bills and lower your Carbon Footprint by using this Heat Retention Film.

Advancements in the Technology of Energy Saving Window Film means it can now be an efficient and a cost effective way to cut your energy costs contributing to savings in your budget and the environment.

Low E Emissivity Film provides benefits all year round.
Excellent Heat and Glare reduction whilst helping retain heat during
the winter months.

On warmer days the film will reject Solar Energy maintaining a more comfortable environment cutting air conditioning costs.

On colder days heat is reflected back into the room which means less warmth will escape saving your heating bills.

Inquire for more details and samples.



  • Save Energy Bills
  • Heat Retention
  • Heat Rejection
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Privacy


Solar Control Window Film – Control The Sun

PSSC Window Films have a wide range of solar control window films to reduce heat build up and cut down glare in your home and conservatory. Excess heat can make your home or conservatory uncomfortable for you and your family to live in. Solar control film also reduces heat loss in the winter, saving you hundreds of pounds.

PSSC Window Film have a wide variety of solar films for use on different types of windows reducing the solar effects of the sun by stopping solar gain by 80% and glare reduction by 95%. Heat stress can give you headaches, nausea and make you perspire. This can be stopped by applying a heat control film to your existing glazing enhancing the look of you house or conservatory.

PSSC Window Film can offer you a free survey of your glazing and give you a quotation to professional install our quality window film to the appropriate windows that need protection from the sun.


Conservatory Window Films – Extreme temperatures are not a problem!

Conservatory window films are applied to the internal side of the roof and side glazing of your conservatory, giving you a long lasting answer to reducing heat build up and glare. This makes it more comfortable to live in and also stops the fading of your furniture, as well as carpets and ornaments that would be otherwise exposed to the damaging sun’s UV rays.

At PSSC we understand that during the hot summer months it can get extremely uncomfortable due to high temperatures and in winter where they get too cold.

By professionally applying our solar control film we can reduce glare by 95% and heat build up by 80% and in the winter help keep the heat in by up to 30% on single glazed glass using our range of low Emissivity films.

PSSC Conservatory Films can be applied to glass or polycarbonate and with its scratch resistant coating it makes it easy to clean unlike blinds that just collect dust. Also as the film is applied directly to the glass or polycarbonate it reduces more heat reflecting it back out the glazing before it enters the conservatory not like with blinds where the heat has passed through the glazing and is inside the gap between the glassing and the blinds which then radiates down into the conservatory. The solar film also stops the unwanted glare of the bright sun that stops you watching TV or reading a book.


Privacy Window Films – Stop Those Prying Eyes

We all love the light our windows let in but sometimes privacy is required ranging from total privacy to semi private but still maintaining the maximum level of light.

PSSC Privacy Window Film can reduce the vision into any window by making it totally or semi obscure by applying a simple film to you’re existing glass that lets in approximately 69% of visible light or stopping 80% of solar heat this can be in a plain of patterned film or tinted or mirrored finish it can also have patterns or corporate design digitally cut out of the film to give you a bespoke finish. We can even print any design you like onto the film.

PSSC Privacy Window Film can even stop unsightly views to the side of the window whilst the view to the front remains clear or vice versa.


  • Privacy
  • UV Protection
  • Safety/privacy combination film
  • Glare & heat reduction


Protection For You and Your Family

Glass can be a fragile and potentially dangerous material, with the possibility of serious damage or injury if broken. PSSC Safety window films work by holding the glass together ensuring that if it glass breaks, it does so in a safe manner.

Our Safety Window Films can be applied to glazing in you home to prevent accidental breakages of glass cabinets, doors, windows, mirrors, hallway glazing, low level glass. ect. These are all areas where people could trip over and fall through if left untreated, but if PSSC Safety Film was applied to the glass would strengthen it preventing breakages and even if it did break would be in a safe manner. PSSC safety film meets the British Safety Standards.

We have been installing clear or tinted safety film to homes since 1988 for safety conscious home owners and child minders who need to have a safety risk assessment on there homes. One of the key points authorities dictate is the glazing need to be upgraded for the safety of the children. This is done quickly and cheaply by applying our film to you existing glass so there is no need to reglaze your windows and repaint your window frames saving you hundreds of pounds. If you have a listed building PSSC clear safety film is the perfect choice as it is not noticeable and complies with the regulation.


Window Film Protection From Harmful Suns UV Rays

You want to let in the maximum amount of light into you home windows but in doing this you cause tremendous damage to your skin, curtains, carpets, antique, books, etc. By letting the UV rays and visible light and heat fade them.

PSSC UV Window Films can reduce UV by 99%. This clear film is perfect for letting light in but stopping the harmful UV rays.

UV rays contribute only 40% to the fading problem. Heat and light contribute 25% each. The remaining 10% is caused by other factors such as bad ventilation, artificial light and the quality of the dyes in the furniture or fabric.

Manufacturers Warranty

All PSSC window films carry the manufacturers warranty and are carefully and professionally installed by approved and audited installers, giving a finish with no bubbling, peeling or blistering. All products are installed in a clean and convenient way with minimal disruption to your home or business.

PSSC offer our installation services to businesses all over the United Kingdom. Regardless of where you are situated, contact us here at PSSC Window Films Ltd, the leading window film company in the UK.

If you have a project that requires any of our services please click on the Get Quote button below for a FREE no-obligation quote.


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