Roof Light

Car Window Tinting Featured Project

PSSC Window Films installed a reflective external solar control film to this roof light to help keep the house cooler. Because of restricted access internally the film was applied externally.

This film rejects 80% of solar energy and stops glare by 82%, UV light is cut down by 99%.

This installation was completed in 3 hours by a two man team..

Here at PSSC we offer a professional window film installation service, or high quality rolls of film.

Our installation service guarantees a flawless professional finish for your windows, whereas our window film rolls are the most cost effective way for you to treat your windows.

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Manufacturers Warranty

All PSSC window films carry the manufacturers warranty and are carefully and professionally installed by approved and audited installers, giving a finish with no bubbling, peeling or blistering. All products are installed in a clean and convenient way with minimal disruption to your home or business.

PSSC offer our installation services to homes and businesses all over the United Kingdom. Regardless of where you are situated, contact us here at PSSC Window Films Ltd, the leading window film company in the UK.

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