8 Piece Car Window Tinting Tool Kit Window Film Tint Fitting Tools


8 Piece Car Window Tint Tool  Kit Window Tint Tools Fitting Tools

The Kits include:

  • Metal 13 POINT UTILITY KNIFE: This knife gives you a 13 point blade knife option at a very attractive price. If you tend to lose your knives regularly, this might be a great option for you.;
  • The Original Conquerer Squeegee :The Conquerer has been around for over 10 years and is still a staple for almost all automotive window tint installers. Dont be fooled by imitations products with similar names, the Conquerer is the original and still the best. The Conquerer’s unique design combines a terrific window tint squeegee blade on one side and a pointed hard card tip on the other for pulling back gaskets,chizling film, ect.
  • THE ORIGINAL LIL’ CHIZLER: What needs to be said about this tool? The Lil’ Chizler has been helping window film installers get to hard to reach areas for over 10 years. This is a must have in any window tinter’s tool pouch.;
  • The Blue hard card with Felt edge is ideal for use on all types of window tint installation. This card would perfect for use heat shrinking window film.
  • The 10 Pack of  carbon 13pt blades are the standard by which all other blades are judged. They combine awesome sharpness and very durable edge retention in one blade. That is the reason they have been a favorite in the window tinting community for many years
  • Yellow Contour Squeegee Car Window Tinting Pro Fitting Tool: The Contour has quickly become an automative window tinting favourite. This tool’s unique design enables it to naturally disperse the window film finger tension to enable fingers to be smoothed out in tough areas. Ideal for use with one of our pre cut window tint kits.
  • Blue Max Professional  Quality Squeegee with handle, this is rubber and handle, Used for Installation of all types of Window Film
  • 6″ White With Black Rubber Edge Squeegee: This all round squeegee is good for cleaning the glass and squeegeeing the water out of the tint and pushing the film down behind the door gaskets


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